Monday, February 9, 2015

Class Scribe Feb 9, 2015: Felipe Carvalho Dias        


  • I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based on my audience, purpose, and message.


  •  I can juxtapose symbolic imagery in my writing.
  • I can use strong verbs to enhance my description.


  • Do now
  • Poetry tools
  • Boys without names
  • Skyscraper
  • Debrief
  • Poem#2

Homework: Boys without names chapter 7-8+Double-Entry journal.

           Like always we started our class with a do now. In the do now we had to explain about what an alliterations, nonsense words, and juxtapositions. We had to explain why poets would use these tools and we also had to give examples to. As always, we had to share what we wrote to our partners.

Lupe's group was doing particularly well.

            After that, we went to our brand new poetry toolbox! All the class participated  to share their ideas of juxtapositions, alliterations, etc. Again, we explained what were these tools and why would poets want to use them.
            We then took a moment to read boys without names. After that, some students where picked to read the learning targets. Ms.V showed us a picture and asked two questions about it:
What do you think? What connections can you make? The picture contained skyscrapers and buildings in there. Half the class thought the place the picture was located was Mumbai and the other half thought it was New York.
            Nextly, we flipped our do now and handed out a new paper. The new paper cointained a two-paged poem Called Skyscraper. We were introduced to sketch-noting and had to do it while reading the poem.
Rachel is doing a great job sketch-noting.
            After sketch-noting we shared what we sketch-noted and talked about what the poem was about. We then rerad the poem out loud with our friends and marked aliterations, rhymes, etc.

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