Thursday, February 26, 2015

Class scribe

Date: Feb. 26. 2015
Class scribe: Rachel H

  • Do now
  • Image Analysis
  • Close Reading
  • Debrief
  • Thereza and Sofi working hard in their do now!!
  • Tableaux or Presentation

As always we started our class by doing the Do now. The Do now had a reading about the economics. Then we talked about the key words and what we need to live and to go to school. (Can check words HERE) Then, we started to talk with our partners.  

Leilani and Sebastian having a good conversation.

Now we started doing the Image Analysis. The Images were basically about the Economics. Also capitalism. I heard some people saying that the picture relates to technology because of the last picture. In Image Analysis, you write what you can see in the picture, what u think the picture means and some questions of the picture.

Thereza, Nina and Vicky doing their work
After analysis with the class about the images, we started to read our close reading which was about economy. As always, we started out by asking questions about the question. For example: what is a free market, what is capitalism etc. The reading was basically about free marketing,and economy. They also explained what free marketing was and what economy was. Then we discussed about what free marketing and economy was with the class and partner.

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