Thursday, February 26, 2015

Class Scribe Post, February 26, 2015

To day like everyday we started out with the Do Now. The do now was to read an economic text and answer questions and things that you think about the reading. The questions where some questions about what you would do in certain situations, for example at a hair salon; and what is a good recourse you can use in those certain times.
 Thats is the Do Now.

After Ms. Vallilo explained the Do Now and explained how we all need recourses and products that we need. And those are all paid for. Human recourses are probably the most expensive thing that there is. Then we talked and told our partners our answers. I think that we did a good job because I couldn't hear anybody off topic. Ms V. let people share their answers about the do now. Then we read the learning targets for today and the schedule. 
 That is the board for the day
After reading the board we did an image analysis, we passed the images and answered things you see, think and wonder. I think that we did a good job on working together and writing down the things about the images. We were also quiet. There were 3 pictures. Then we all looked at our notes and we picked one or two things thats we thought was important that we wrote for our image analysis sheet. First we took volunteers them victims. I think that we all had a good understand of the pictures and they connected to goods, service and scarcity. After that we all read a reading called Capitalism The Free Market. We made questions of the titles to answer them while we were reading. I think that nobody was talking during the time that we were reading and it was very silent. The reading was about how in pre-industrial society one of the great problems was that the peasants would work hard for the rich, but they would get none of the supply that they gave to the rich. There was also slavery. It also talked about how now in industrial society with all of the evolution that has happened people exchange products for money and there is no slavery, and that businesses are now more common and economics has grown a lot from the past. Now people have to make money for themselves in the free market economy. The government lets the private companies sell products and protects them. Thats free market economy when people sell products that their companies produce. 
After we read the text we talked about it with our partners and answered questions. Then we talked to the class about the questions. Then we added on to the close reading note catcher about the reading. The Homework today is the finish chapters 15-18 and double entry journal due tuesday. Today I want to give a shout out to Nic for having a lot of knowledge and paying attention of what we did today, he was like an expert about traditional economy.
Have a good thursday!!!

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