Monday, February 23, 2015

Class Scribe


  • Do Now: Word Nerd
  • Poetry Toolbox
  • Poem 2

      - comment
      - share

  • Create Poetry Rubric
  • Cause/Effect Chart

We started our Humanities class with our Do Now. Our Do Now was to go on Quizlet and study the new vocabulary words called Economic Vocabulary. 

After studying the new words, we shared with our partners about something strange that happened in carnaval break, something awesome and what are we looking for now that we are back in São Paulo. After sharing, we opened the document Poetry Toolbox and added Assonance, Consonance, Rhyme, Onomatopoeia. We tried to add the definition with our partners sitting next to us. Then we did it with the class.

After, we opened our Poem 2. We commented on our poems about where we did a risk and where we made a choice. Then, we chose our partners with our eyes. Then we started sharing with our partners where we did a risk or a choice.

After, we got a sheet of paper like this: 
 We made our own rubrics for our poems with                                                                          our partners.           We only had to do part 1 & 7. 

HW: Read chapter 10-14 and do the double entry journal. 

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