Monday, February 23, 2015

1st Class Scribe after Carnaval!!

- Do Now: Word Nerd
- Poetry Toolbox
- Poem 2
 - Comment
 - Share
- Create Poetry Rubric
- Cause/Effect Chart

 Big Learning Target 3.0:
- I can make effective choices in my poem based on the audience, purpose and message.

  As always, our Humanities class started with the Do Now. The Do Now was to study the new vocabulary set called Economic Vocabulary.

  After studying Economic Vocabulary, we told to our partners what was the most 2 strange things we had during the Carnaval break. After that, we shared the 2 most strange things we had with our class during Carnaval break.
  After sharing with our class, we opened our document Poetry Toolbox and added Assonance, Consonance, Rhyme, and Onomatopoeia. We tried to add them into the Poetry toolbox with our partners sitting next to us.

  Afterwards, we had 1 minute to open the Poem that was due today. We commented where we took a risk, why we made a choice, and more like this. And then we chose a partner secretly with our eyes and we shared 2 places where we made a choice and 2 places where we took risks.

  After sharing with out partners, we got a sheet like this:

  With this sheet we had to read what the Summative Assessment was down below of the sheet and we had to discuss with our partners what should go in the 1 section and the 7 section. We had to write only in the 1 and 7 section.

 HW: Finish reading 'Boys without Names' Chapter 10 ~ 14. Also finish the Double Entry Journal of it.

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