Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Class Scribe 2015

Contents of Do Now
The main topic of the do now is : Literal vs. Figurative Language, It follows with various examples of the differences of Lieral Vs. Figurative Language. A few look like this. The left are Literal Descriptions, the right are Figurative Descriptions
Grass looks green                                                       The grass looks like spy green hair (simile)
Sand feels Rough                                                        Sand is solid water (metaphor)
 The flower smells sweet.           The flower has the sweetest smelling petals in the world. (hyperbole)
From then on it makes you write your own figurative descriptions for a few literal descriptions

After going through all the possible alternatives we move on to Socrative, where we will do a quick quiz about the current book that we are reading. Or are supposed to read. There are 3 questions, no wonder its a quick quiz and by a few moments everyone is done

Something that has brought enough attention to Ms. Vallilo is that our class is very mediocre with Literature Circle, so she had everyone talk to their partners on their table, What seems to be a lot o peoples problem is that they can't stay on task, so that usually kills their line of thought, and sharing the floor, they fail to let other people make opinions freely

Raj took up the role of writing down challenges that... well... challenged people, Marcos took the lead of calling out people to say what challenges them and what made them get off track. Ms. Vallilo tried to find out some challenges that they could fix at the current moment.

We turn our homework over and analyze the goal that we want to achieve, after that we go and form our literature circles. A group usually has 3+ people, but we were unfortunate and we lost about 3-4 people. It was I, baltasar, and the Nicholas. Nicholas didn't do well until the end, kind of like a train, he was starting of slow and went faster and faster. I did average.

The teacher then demands that we turn over to page 121 of Boys without names, It's about how Gopal meets his "boss" Scar. Scar is a man that might as well be an alternative definition of horrid. As soon as that we turn over to our partners and start exchanging ideas. Most are very concrete and could as well very happen

We transition over to our do now and we are now looking at a Summative Assessment Poetry Portfolio Rubric, and then we talk about the goals and various other topics that happens in poetry. One very particular thing that that I noticed was that Dominik said that if you change on adjective you can get yourself from a 2-3 to a 4-5

(don't let the spooky scary skeletons SPOOK you!) good night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

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