Friday, February 13, 2015

Class scribe

Date: 13th of February
Class scribe: Rachel H


  • Do now: Poem 2
  • Literature circle quiz #4
  • Literature circle #4
  • Debrief
  • Close Read Jig saw
  • Cause + Effect chart
Sofi working on her poem.
Doing a great job discussing about the book
As usual we started with the Do now and the Do now was about the poem that we are writing and to continue drafting. The main idea is to incorprate all the five senses (see, fell taste, smell, hear), also juxtaposing and finally to describe the object that Ms. V chose. After we took the literature circle quiz and we were suppose to read chapter 9 and answer the literature circle questions. 

After taking the literature circle quiz, we started to discuss about the book with the class for a minute. We talked about a part of a book and we had to think what were the problem that Gopal was facing and also what they were expecting when they came to Jama's house. After we saw a video about latrine. 
Now we entered in our literature circles and discussed about chapter 9. My group talked about 

Now we are going to discuss about the jig saw and also discuss about the reading. We finished the Jigsaw and discussed about the question and the answer that we wrote.

Have a nice Carnaval!!!!!
Hw: Finish our 2nd poem and do the lit circle for chapter 10-14!!

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