Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Class Scribe Feb 11, 2015

Tarik, acting as class scribe.

- Do Now
- Peer Check-In
- Cartoonify Tableaux 
- Image Analysis
- Close Reading #3
- Debrief

Learning Targets:

BLT 3.0: I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based on my audience, purpose, and message.

SLT: 3.4: I can juxtapose symbolic imagery in my writing.

SLT: 3.3: I can use strong verbs to enhance my description.

As usual, we began today with the good ol' Do Now. We had to take out the Skyscraper poem and the sheet with the directions for Poem 2. We continued brainstorming our poem and we could already start drafting. Some advice is to make sure to reinforce your word choice, descriptions, and poetic tools carefully.

Then, we began cartoonifying our tableaux. We could write, cut, glue, and color our tableaux. Here is an example:

By Balti, Takuma, Dominic, and André
Then, we had an image analysis. Matt had a very interesting thought about juxtaposing the train and the horse. It has to do with juxtaposition because a train is industrialized and that the horse represents the pre-industrial society. Dominic also noticed that the train has the lead, symbolizing that industrialized society is a lot more advanced and they are ahead of pre-industrialized society.

We then began reading a text  about industrialization, divided into parts A, B, and C.

HW: Double entry journal chapter 9, and gist your part of the text.
Have a good day!

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