Thursday, February 12, 2015

Class Scribe 2/12/15 -Nic Landau

•Do Now
•Poem #4
•Close Read #3 (continued)
•Cause + Effect Chart

Big Learning Targets:
1.0: I can evaluate the extent to which in industrialization benefits societies by analyzing evidence from a variety of sources.

Supporting Learning Targets:
1.1: I can describe factions that cause industrialization, citing evidence from the text.

        We first started out with the Do Now like always. The Do now was about lines and stanzas of poems. A stanza is a paragraph of poetry, and each line would be a sentence if it was not poetry and a real paragraph. We had to read over a poem on the do now, and figure out how many lines it had and how many stanzas it had. After everyone finished we discussed the do now with the class.  We saw when and how to use rhyming, and if you are using it correctly.

    Before we got into the poem we talked about what you think the word "change" means. A good definition was: "change means growth and how things grow over time". Then we flipped over our do now and looked at a poem. We read it and had to find out the rhyme schemes. After that Ms. V gave us questions to discuss about the poem.

Gabriel working on the Poem.
 Next we got into our own poem about the object Ms. V picked out of our first poem. We just had to keep adding on to out poem and use the rhyme schemes we just learned. When we were done we shared what new things we added to our poem.

   Ms V tolled us to take out our reading from yesterday. With the reading we opened up the jigsaw document and filled in the questions to the section we read. There was 5 different questions.

  Now people with reading A would go into a group and discuss the section of the reading  they read. And same thing for the people that read part B and C.

-Homework: Read Ch. 9 in BWN. And finish the double entry journal.
The Close Read #3

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