Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Class Scribe 2/11/15

  • Do-Now
  • Peer Cheek In
  • Cartoonify Tableaux
  • Image Analysis
  • Close Reading #3

Big Learning Target: I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based on my audience, purpose and message.
Supporting Learning Target: I can use Juxtaposition symbolic imagery in my writing. I can use strong verbs to enhance my description.

First we started with the Do-Now. We had where given time to brainstorm our poem and start writing it. The poem that we are making is about an object that we chose last class or that is in the poem we wrote. We need to add in our poem strong verbs, we need to add all the 5 senses, add in juxtaposition and we need to play around with words. Next we got to check in with a partner and receive feedback.

Once we finished we got to cartoonify our pictures. We got blank pieces of paper and our pictures of us explaining pre-industrial industries. To cartoonify our pictures we made speech bubbles, thought bubbles and more. We got around 20-30 minutes to do this. When we finished we handed in our finished pictures. Then We showed all of the pictures up on the board.

After we finished that we got to do an image analysis. We got 2 images on our desk and with our partner we had to try to find out what it meant. While we did this I went around and heard a lot of great discussions. Once we finished talking with our partner we went over it as a class.

This is image 1.

This is image 2.

Next we did our third close reading. When we got the paper we each got sections of the reading that we needed to read. Once we got to the page that we would read we asked three questions using what we know already knew. Once we asked the three questions we had to read the first paragraph and then gist.

For homework we need to read chapter 9 of Boys Without Names and do the double entry journal.

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