Monday, January 26, 2015

Class Scribe:Rachel Safdié

Agenda:                                              Homework:

  • Do Now                         Bring in "Boys With no Names"
  • Gallery Walk
  • Close Read
  • Debrief

          Today we started with the do now. It was about what we thought, saw and wondered about a picture.  After we finished, we had a discussion about the picture and shared with the partners and with the class what we thought that picture represented. On the do now, we also asked a lot of questions about what the image meant or what was the message that it wanted to tell us.

          After the discussion(s) we started our gallery walk. The  gallery walk is when we have a paper and we walk in the class to read texts and see images that are spread out in the class. We write down everything that we learn, and after we share with the class our learning.

                   After the gallery walk, we talked about what we learned and what was the  main "theme" of the images and texts that we saw around the class. We discussed and talked about what we noticed on the images and the writings. We also had questions about what each thing meant. We also related the images from the gallery walk to the images from the do now.

            Then, we started to do the debrief. The debrief was generally asking for you to write a summary of what we saw today and asked what we think that happened, how, when and why. Some answers we had discussed with the class, and we just needed to put in our own words and give an opinion. 

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