Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Class scribe

*Lara Acting As Class Scribe*
     Today, we started with our do now which was to log onto quizlet and start the set called ''industrialization''. Then, we got a new learning target tracker and, with our partners, we read and talked about learning targets 1.0 and 3.0:

After that, on the same side we tracked how much we got on our pre-assessment(LT1.0). Most of the people got a 1 or 2. Then, we wrote how much we thought we knew about poetry (LT3.0). As usually we put dots on were we graded ourselves. As we always do, we discussed as a class about how much we graded ourselves.After that, we discussed with our partners about the picture from yesterday. Then, we took out our reading from yesterday called the rise of industry.Ms.V told us to get out our Close Reading The Rise of Industry on our computers and read your part a second time so we can fill out the questions and teach the other people about the part you read from the packet. Before we could share we met with our partners to make sure we understood and to talk about the reading. Finally, we shared our answers with people who didn't read the section you read.The homework is to finish the close reading document if you haven't.

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