Monday, January 26, 2015

Class Scribe

Jan. 26, 2014

Class Scribe
by Raghav

  • Do Now
  • Gallery walk
  • Close read
  • Debrief

As usual we start of the Do Now. In the Dow Now a picture is shown and have to tell what you see, what you think it mean, and what do you wonder.Tarik thinks that the rich man is making money from rent and interest. One question that I really liked from Tarik was Why do each of these words have do with the skeleton, the dead body, and the man. Layla thinks this symbolises greediness because the people around the fat man are not alive. One thing that I liked was that Dominik said that the picture that the people are trapped in the new law or government. 
One thing that I really liked was that Balti was really focused and he described the picture. Many of the pictures expressed death or labor.  In one of the pictures it said that many american and Italian women from ages 16 to 21 were working factories. In the Triangle shirt waist factory their was a fire and many women were killed. This is how people started to realise how bad the working conditions were. Others such as strikers were put in prison. The Women's Trade Union league were able to bail a few out.Many american citizens had bad work conditions. The factory owners would abuse the workers by making them work longer for very little money.

The close read is called The rise of the industry. The reading is about how the factory went on fire and the fire. Some question you should ask yourself would be how did the fire start, How did this effect the industry, why is it such a big thing in history? In the triangle factory all the exits were closed till exit time. When they exited the women hand to go one by one so the watchmen could check the women handbags. Women were paid 9 dollars a week while younger workers were paid 6 dollars a week or 1.50 cents a week. The factory owners drove fancy cars while some workers lived in a two room house.

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