Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Class Scribe Post

Agenda             Jan 28 2015     DAY A

  • Do Now
  • Raft #1
  • preview our book
  • begin our book
  • debrief
1.0 I can evaluate the extent to which industrialization benefits societies by analyzing evidence from a  variety of sources.

Guiding questions: How does industrialization benefit, harm societies?

How can writing create change?
Felipe and Isaac working on the post it note. 

We had a question that was how can the poem the Lorax an example of Industrialization. I word that both Leilani and Rachel said were BIG.  We got a post it note and we had to write a quote of the Lorax and write why is it industrialization.

We put the post it notes on the back board.
Then we went on to the Rafts Triangle Shirtwaist.
we started looking at a sentence from the book boys without names in each. In each desk we looked at some sentences.

We then revived the book Boys without names.

we predicted what the book would be about.
We then read very little with the class of the book.

this is what we wrote

Read chapter 1-4! DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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