Friday, January 23, 2015

Class scribe

Date: January 23 , 2015
Agenda:                                                                                                              Class scribe: Rachel H.
  • Do now                                                                 Guiding Questions :  
  • What is a poem?                                                                 *What is poem
         *Lorax close read                                                                *How can writing create change?
         *Debrief+anchor our Thinking                         
  • Write a poem
  • Pre assessment

The Do Now

Today we started of the day by doing the "Do  Now" as usual. The "Do now" was basically about writing and if the writing can create change. Also in the "Do Now" it said that this quarter we will be looking at how societies change and transform.Also we talked about hashtags and one of the hashtag is #Worldcup that most of the people could know. 

Lupe working on Edpuzzle
Before we started talking about what a poem is, we went to Edpuzzle and started to look at the video of the poem 'Lorax' from Dr. Seuss. (In Edpuzzle while you are watching the video, you need to answer some questions that the person that made the video made.) After everyone finished watching the video, we started talking about "What happened in this story?", "Any parts confusing?" and " Did you like it?" In this story, I heard many people saying that the story wasn't that confusing. Most of the people in this class understood the story.

After we all understood what the story was about, we started doing a debrief of the story in Google docs. In the debrief we were suppose to do question number 4,5, and 6. After we finished the debrief, we checked in with a partner.

Now we were starting the pre assessment. We went to the site called Socrative and started doing our pre assessment.

Homework: Bring "boys without names" next tuesday
Complete questions 4.5.6. 

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