Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Class Scribe of 2015!

Written by Isaac(class scribe)


  • Do Know
  • Goal Setting
  • Intro to poetry
  • Debrief: What is a poem.
      Today we came into class and got the do now. The do now was pretty much a debrief of our Winter vacation and what you want to change/ improve on. Once we finished the do know we would practice vocabulary on quizlet. We got the first scholar swag of the quarter. Then we turned and talked to our partner. Then we shared our favorite thing that happened. After this we flipped our paper and read something as a class we checked if our goal was smart.

S = Specific
M= Measurable
A= Achievable
R= Results-focused
T= Time-bound
Then we looked down on the bottom and read the science of setting goals. Then we looked at our sheet together and talked about what was important. After that we were given a sheet to write our own goal at home. Next we were given a sheet that was a quiz about poetry. Proceeding that we had some pieces of a poem and had to put them together. After that we corrected and were given a part to read. We practiced our part. After Practicing we shared our parts. We had to stop halfway though because it was 10:55. For the exit ticket we wrote if we liked the poem and public speaking.Homework is to set a SMART goal. Explain why it's important. Write steps to achieving it.

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