Thursday, January 29, 2015

Class Scribe: Luisa Pereira


  • Do now
  • Quiz Quiz Trade 
  • Raft #1: Collect Evidence 
  • Writing Time 
  • Debrief 
  • Preparing for Lit Circles 

Big Learning Target 1.0 
I can evaluate the extent to which industrialization benefits societies by analyzing evidence from a variety of sources. 

Guiding questions: 
How does  industrialization benefit harm societies?
How can writing create change? 

               We started of with the do now which is about journalism, then we started the quiz quiz trade. After quiz quiz trade we pulled out our Rise Of Industry which talks about what happened March 25 1911 in The Triangle Factory, New York and highlighting the most important things in the text. 

          Now we are talking about paraphrasing and quotes, one student said that paraphrase is when you put a piece of text in your own words. Another student said that a quote is when you use the exact words of a texts in your writing and use quotation marks to show what was the quote. 

   We are now starting to write our RAFTS: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire we have to choose if you want to write about 

You are a journalist, and you are writing an editorial that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Triangle Fire.  Some of your readers do not remember the significance of the tragedy.  In your editorial, explore the historical, political, and/or cultural significance of the fire. Or You are an art historian whose specialty is early 20th Century American photography.  You have been asked to write a Foreword to a book of photographs depicting the Triangle Factory Fire.  The purpose of this book is to capture the significance of the event and its impact on the American Labor Movement.  Consider the photographs included in the gallery, and write a Foreword that illustrates how these images forcefully portray the Triangle Fire event.  

Homework: Boys Without Names chapters 1-3 and do the Literature Circle 1 paper.

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