Saturday, January 31, 2015

Class Scribe: Isabela Smith


  • Do Now
  • Lit Circle Quiz
  • Image Analysis
  • Review Norms 
  • Lit Circle #1
  • Debrief 
  • RAFT  Writing time 

         First we did the Do Now, in the Do Now we had to say in our won words what the law of Supply and Demand was. After that Ms.Vallillo showed the class a piece of candy and asked however wanted to raise their hand. A lot of people raised their had and and would do commands from Ms.Vallillo to get the candy. After she showed the candy she showed an apple and a lot less people wanted the apple because we see apples everyday at school. So, like in the book Boys Without Names the onions were very common just like the apples are at school but the candy you don't see everyday so more people would want that.
      Then we did the Lit circle quiz which we did on socrative this time. Then we did Lit Circle and we changed groups for it. In the lit circle we also saw three pictures and had to talk about them. All the three pictures were related to Mumbai. Then as always we did the discussion debrief the questions were What new information does this chapter tell us about our content for this quarter? and The second question was to Self-Assess how we did in our Lit Circle group. We then went on a chart on a document and wrote down what are goals were for the quarter. After that we continued with our RAFTS essay.
For homework you have to have all the details you need for the Triangle Shirtwaist essay.

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