Thursday, December 4, 2014

Class Scribe

  • Agenda: 
  • Do now 
  • workshop:revising for word choice
  • peer critique
  • revision time

  • BlT-3.0 I can a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during apartheid.
  • supporting learning target 3.4 I can show not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details and dialogue
  • SLT- I can use figurative language to enhance my description

We started the class like usual by doing the Do now. Then we talked about what we changed on our Pacing to make it more interesting.  We read Big learning target and supporting learning targets we Ms Vallilo asked some people to read it out loud for the class.  We flipped our Do now over and looked at the word choice.

Then we went over it and looked at the figurative language that we found while reading.  We had to say if it was dialogue sensory details or figurative language. we highlighted it also.
Then we did a peer critique with someone that you think will help you with your writing

We stayed about 10 min going over someones writing and helping out their verbs to make it better. Then we got it back and we went revise or the rest of the class

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