Thursday, December 4, 2014

Class Scribe

Priscila as class scribe
December 4, 2014

  • Do Now
  • Workshop: Revising for Word Choice
  • Peer Critique 
  • Revision Time

Big learning target: 
3.0 I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid.
Supporting Learning Target: 
3.4 I can show, not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details, and dialogue. 
3.7 I can use figurative language to enhance my description.

                We started class like always with our Do Now. This Do Now was about pacing. Then, Ms. V asked us about who revised their writing about pacing. Then we reviewed the learning targets and the agenda. After reviewing everything, we flipped our Do Now. 
             Behind our Do Now, is a text, we were looking for Word Choice, we had to write some symbols, like: FL=figurative language, SV= strong verb, SD= sensory details. After, we started color coding the text using highlighters. We had to find figurative language, sensory detail, and strong verbs.  After, we shared about what we wrote with the entire class. 
            We looked around the class-room to find a peer that will challenge you to write more. We found our peers and shared our document. We started commenting on their writing about what should they improve. After, we met up with each other and shared out what we think about their writing. We go back to our places. 
         We start revising our story about the feedback our partner gave us. We stayed until the end of the day revising our story. 

Homework: (this is optional), revise your story if you need to



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