Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Class Scribe

*Lara as Class Scribe*
Learning Target 3.0
Supporting Learning Target 3.5
Do Now
Example Critique
Peer Critique for pacing, symbolism and theme
Check in

    The first thing we did,as usual,was the Do Now.The Do Now was to grade your essay draft on the
first Learning Target.After that, we flipped the Do Now over and checked (with our partners) for pacing, structure, details, length of paragraphs and dialogue on the 2 pages of writing we were given.
Then,we checked it over with the class and discussed.After we finished that,we flipped the page over again and made a chart saying Slow Down and Speed up.We did this so we knew when to slow down and speed up in our stories(the essay. After that,we passed around an example writing.We read it through once and said something we liked about it.Then,we agreed with our partners if the pacing of the story was slow, medium, or fast and shared with the class.After that,we discussed what the symbolic object of the story,a toy maze,meant.We thought that the maze was Apartheid and the little ball in the toy was Africans,they thought there was a way out of Apartheid,they tried,but there actually was no way out.Then, we chose a person to give us feedback on our essay about symbolism and pacing. The homework is to fill out the author reflection form Ms.V gave out and to revise your draft for pacing,symbolism,and theme.

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