Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Class Scribe by Arthur

Agenda:                                                                                                                3/12/14

  • Do now
  • Example Critique
  • Peer Critique for pacing, symbolism + theme
  • Revise for pacing, symbolism + theme     
  • Chek-in 
Big learning targets:
3.0 I can write a clear and engaging narrative that takes place during Apartheid.
Supporting Learning targets:
3.5 I can guide the reader's attention with my pacing by adding or subtracting details and varying sentence structure.

Like every day, we started the do now. The do now told us to open up our Summative assessment First draft and then take out the rubric that you received in your peer Critique on BLT Yesterday. On the do now we had to mark the grade you would give yourself currently for BLT 1.0 only. It means that you are only going to mark the grade you would give yourself for how sophisticated an understanding you have of Apartheid. After you marked your grade you had to explain why you gave yourself this grade. Then you had to say if you are happy with the grade you gave yourself.

When we finished the Do now we passed to example Critique. With our partners we had to read threw a part of the gun. We had to read the paragraphs and say if the pacing is fast, medium or slow. We also had to say if there were lots of details or not much. When everyone was finished we checked-in. Then we talked about when you need to pace slow or fast. Also we talked about when you are pacing fast how much details do you need. And when you are pacing slowly do you put lots of details or less. Then we looked at a piece of writing. We had to read. Then we had to talk about how this writer can improve his pacing. When we finished reading we had to mark where we think where the pacing was fast, medium, or slow. We also marked which places were detailed. Then we checked-in. We learned that when the pacing is fast there is less details and when the pacing is slow there is more pacing. We also had to find what the symbolic object was and what does it symbolise. Then we had to find someone who would help you improve where your pacing can be fast slow or medium on your writing. (BLT 1.0)      Thats all!

                                            Tarik and Raj searching for where the pacing is 
                                             fast, medium or slow.                                         

Homework is to revise your pacing of your (BLT1.0) and fill up the Author Reflection sheet.


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