Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Class Scribe: Rachel Safdié


  • Do Now
  • Example Critique for LT 1.0
  • Peer Critique for LT 1.0
  • Revise for LT 1.0
  • Check-in


Finish revision for LT 1.0 +add 5 
or more detailed footnotes.

             We started the Do Now. It was about our first draft on our summative piece of writing. The Do Now also talked about our footnotes. As you can see, our homework is to do more footnotes, and that's because it is very important to have them.

             After we did the Do Now, we started to discuss about it. Ms.V asked how many footnotes we had, so everybody put their fingers in the air with the number of footnotes they had in their piece of writing.

         After the discussion, we talked about what we actually know about apartheid. Some questions she made for us were: What is apartheid? When did it happen? What did the whites do? Who lived there? Were did it happen?

           We also did a check-in and some revisions of our writing. We talked to our partners about how we could make our writing better, and how we could get more information.  After we talked to our partners, Ms. V. showed us a text about the things that we need to do in our writing, for it to be very good.

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