Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Enzo's Class Scribe

Class Schedule

Do Now

Understanding the White Perspective on Apartheied

Writing Time

Peer Check- in

We started doing our Do Now and I saw lots of students working hard and doing their best like Leillani and I have a picture that I took of her when she was doing her Do Now and she worked on it really fast, worked hard and did her best.  Also I made a video of the class doing their do Do Now. 

                                                            Here is the picture

                                                         Here is the video

After our time was up of doing our Do Now we shared our answers of our Do Nows with other students. When Ms. Vallilo told us to come back to our desks, because our time was up of sharing our answers of our Do Nows she gave us an article for us to read that was understanding the White Perspective about Aparthied.  First read the beginning of the article together, then Ms. Vallilo told us to stop reading and told us to take note about anything that is Surprising, Questions and anything that can be important for your story. Then she told us to start reading individually for 8-10 minutes. After the time was up Ms. Vallilo told us to continue writing in our story and we started to continue writing  on our stories. 

                   Here are two photos I took of students working on their stories, but I didn't take a picture of students faces in these two photos. I took a picture on the behind them to see their work. 

Also I have a video of the students working on their stories.

When the time was up of writing Ms. Vallilo made an announcement for us to finish the planning or drafting your story and send it to her for homework.  Its due Monday. Then she told us to write a rough draft for Tuesday, but we are going to start it on Monday. 

Homework: Finish planning or drafting your story

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