Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gabriel November 4, 2014 Class Scribe

Today we started out by the do now like always. We went on word nerd to practice our new words set 3. We were all learning and quiet and I think that we did a very good job. Then we got our learning target tracker out and we marked out formative vocabulary assessment that we did yesterday on the tracker.  We asked our selfs how can we improve and how can we make our selves better by the end of the quarter. We also all marked our scores on the tracker in the class with our pink dots. We noticed on the tracker that the majority was on the 3 section, and some people on the 2 and 4 and 1. We also marked the things that we have finished on the other side of the learning target tracker.
We all passed around an article that was about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We read our article and circled things that we thought were important. I think that we all did a good job being concentrated and we all were working hard. We all completed work and did great. The article was about the Human Rights and how we all deserve education and everyone no matter how much we hate them we have to respect them. Then we had a tea party with some other people in the class and have a discussion about the article. The discussions were good and I think that we all had a good discussion. Maybe we could have been a little more quiet but we didn't do so bad. 

We all read a text that was on the sheet about when, were why, and how the human rights were made. Someone thought that one important part in the text was that people can't violate the international human rights laws. We also thought that it was important that everyone no matter who you were has human rights. And a country cant do that differently because human rights is a law for the world. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination was something that we all should remember, but doesn't happen all the time. We summarized our Declaration of human rights in our note catcher and tell why and when it was created.
I think that todays class went well, the homework is to finish the double entry journal of the chapter one day lily and read it. Have a good tuesday!

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