Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Class Scribe

> Do Know
> Tea Party: Human Rights
> Analyze Chart
> Intro to Rubric section 1
> Peer Critique: Quick Write 2

Big Learning Target: 1.0: I can Write an accurate historical fiction narrative about Apartheid.
Supporting Learning Targets: 1.4: I can explain how the laws passed in South Africa during the 20th century affected the rights and responsibilities of people. 

Our Tea Party Sheet.

Today we started with Our Do-Know. The Directions were: Go onto http://quizlet.com and begin studying the vocabulary in Apartheid - Set 3. After You have spent some time learning the words in this set, go back and review the words in Apartheid - set 1 and 2. When people got in they straightly opened their computers to quizlet and worked on the Set - apartheid 3. Congratulati
ons to Jae for being in first place in both scatter and space race. When We finished we got our highlighters and our learning target tracker. We flipped it over and then we got our test from tomorrow back. We wrote down the date and score. Then we got a sticker and put our scores on the chapter. We flipped the learning target tracker over. We highlighted learning target 1.4. Then we put away our learning target tracker and our quiz. We got a piece of paper for our tea party. Then we got directions and we: 1. Read our article 2 times circling key words. 2. We summarized it in our own words. 3. mad a connection. We did this to prepare for the tea party. She gave us a scholar swag for working hard. Felipe was working very hard and the most concentrated. She told us to make sure we had a good understanding so we could explain it to someone else. Then we got up and explained our human right to someone else. In The process of sharing our human right we earned a scholar swag. We wrote down what was surprising and questions. Then we shared them with the class. Then after sharing we have to put a summary of this in your research note catcher. Remember homework is to Read “One Day, Lily” In out of bounds due Friday. 

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