Monday, November 3, 2014

Class Scribe

      Agenda                                              Big Learning Target                    Small Learning Target

  1. Do Now                                           I can write a clear and                 I can show not tell in my 
  2. Formative Quiz                               engaging historical fiction           writing by using strong 
  3. Word Nerd                                       narrative that takes place           verbs, sensory details and 
  4. Writing Time: Strong Verbs              during the Apartheid                 dialogue. 
  5. Peer Check In
  6. Critique and Revise Summaries

Lucas Working Hard
  Today, like every other day, started with the Do Now. The Dow Now had questions on it about the reading Out of Bounds "The Noose." We got ten minutes to go work and finish this. Everyone in the class got their books out to help them answer the questions. Next we checked our answers with the person sitting next to us. 

Sebastian Editing 
Next we opened our laptops to revise our partners summaries. We were supposed to fill in missing dates or important details. We had 20 minutes to go and critique. Once we finished revising, we got to tell our partners how they could improve. 

Then we had a test on all the vocabulary words we learned so far this quarter and your understanding on Apartheid. Once we finished with the test we opened our computers to Quick write #2.  We had to copy and paste our first draft and call it draft 2. Next we had to find places were we had weak verbs and replace them with strong verbs. Then find places were you have 3-4 adjectives and replace it with a strong verbs. Last highlight all strong verbs in light green.

HOMEWORK: read One Day Lily and answer the questions.

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