Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th,2014

*Lara acting as class scribe*

Do now
Debrief Dialogue
Writing Time

Guiding question:What is revolution?

Everyone working hard on their jigsaws
     Like any Monday,we started with the do now,which was quizlet,Apartheid set 4.Then we started the jigsaw about the rise and
implementation of Apartheid.Depending on which reading we read,we had to reread your part and answer the questions(remember not to do the synthesis yet).Reminder:the last question for part b is wrong, cross it out.Then,we shared with the person sitting next to us.Then we went in a group that read a
different section than us and write down their answers.The homework is the summary on your research notecatcher about The Rise and Implementation of Apartheid and read The Gun and do the Double entry journal for Friday.Have a good day!

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