Friday, November 7, 2014

Class Scribe 11/07/14


  • Do Now
  • Lit circle quiz
  • Lit Circle #3
  • Debrief
  • Jigsaw: Apartheid
  • Debrief      
     In the Do Now we were swaging up our writing. We got a sheet of paper thats called "Swag Up this Dialogue!"with sort of a boring dialogue so we had to ''swag it up''. And then Cata and Rachel and Dominick and Gabriel read their dialogue that they improved! Then we did our Lit circle and I think that everybody had a good discussion.

    Then we did the discussion debrief and wrote about what new information we learned about the apartheid and how good was our discussion from 1-7. We had a deep conversation of the book after we did the debrief. After, we put a summary of the chapter "One Day,Lily, One Day" in our Research Notecatcher.

The homework for the weekend is to finish your summary of "One Day,Lily, One Day" in your Research Notecatcher due Monday. Have a great weekend!

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