Tuesday, November 11, 2014

D6 Literacy Offices

By: Scribe Dominik

  • Do Now
  • Jigsaw
  • Debrief Dialogue
  • Writing time
BIG Learning Targets:
  • 3.0 I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid.
  • 1.0 I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of Apartheid.
Supporting Learning Targets:
  • 3.4 I can show not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details, and dialogue.
  • 1.4 I can explain how the laws passed in South Africa in the 20th century affected the rights and responsibilities of groups of people.

Today where we usually would see a sheet of paper right under the "Pick up" sign, there were none. Instead, we saw a yellow sticky note that said, "Start Quizlet." So we obeyed the all powerful sticky note. Because what else were we supposed to do? Immediately we dorned our "Word Nerd" glasses and studied our vocab words for this week. 

Ok I have nothing to do since everyone is studying vocab so...

Don't judge me. Everyone's had writer's block.

As we began to wrap up the vocabulary work, people worked rapidly to cram as much information as possible. Andre, Marcos, Gabe, and Raj were working so hard, and those were only the people I could see. We got "Scholar Swag" for being awesome. A change of routine happened today. A student introduced our board such as pointing out learning targets and the agenda. Today it was Matt.

Matt Introducing the Board
Jigsaw worksheets were passed down. Everyone pulled out a packet called "The Rise and Implementation of Apartheid." Someone was so kind to "leave behind" a packet for a example. Thumbs up around the room confirmed the people that had the packet out. The Jigsaw is simply a table that has questions on one side about the reading, and you answer on the other side. It is made of paper(shocker). A few weeks earlier, the class each read different parts, so each side of the paper was for reading A and B. Everyone worked very hard, in fact, vote in the comments on who the two harder workers were.

Eu nao tenho uma adaptor. A total of 5
people forgot their adaptors.
Everybody checked with their partner on the accuracy of their answers and their understanding of the text. Shout-out to Victor and Takuma for great discussion about their discussion about the reading. I couldn't hear them exactly but they demonstrated good body language of a discussion.  Groups that read the two different reading met up to discuss the reading. Luisa, Rachel, and Gabe were at my table to discuss. Rachel explained pre-Apartheid South Africa and earlier Afrikaner law. She explained that the Land Act was the first act of segregation in South Africa and so on and so forth. She then helped Gabe answer the questions for reading A. Same routine for Gabe. I can imagine that it would be the same for many. The video shows one of the discussions.

We continued to summarize on our "Research Note-Catchers".

The homework is to read "The Gun", one of the many stories from Out of Bounds by Beverly Naidoo by friday. Ms. Vallillo demonstrated that anyone who forgets their adaptor will be taped to an adaptor. On that happy note, goodybye!


 <Who is working harder?>
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