Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nov. 25, 2014 Class Scribe

Sebastian Williams
D - Day
  • Do Now
  • Check resources
  • Where are we in the Writing Process?
  • Writing time
  • Peer check in

At the beginning of class we started our do now as usual. We only had to read the paper and the examples. It was about footnotes and why we needed to use them.
What are footnotes - Footnotes are the definition of a word at the bottom of the page
Why are we using them - We use them to:
  1. Show our knowledge about Apartheid (content vocab)
  2. Cite your sources
  3. Explain my sources as a writer
After that, we put our names on a small piece of a sticky note. We put our name on the writing process wall. Your choices are brainstorming, planning drafting, revising, editing and publish.

After we did that, we checked our resources to help us with our historical fiction narrative. We also kept working on our historical fiction narrative.

We didn't have any homework.

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