Monday, November 24, 2014

Felipe Dias Class scribe Nov 24, 2014


* Do Now
* Critique for L.T. 3.0
* Track + Process Feedback
*Writers Workshop: Style
* Writing Time
3.0: I can write a clear + engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid.

3.7: I can use figurative language to enhance my description.

          Today, like any other day, we started with a do now. In it, there was an example of summary to their historical fiction naarrative. We had to read it once, and then twice to answer the following questions:

  • What is believable about this story?
  • What is not believable about this story?
  • What does the author need to research on so he/she can be specific and accurate about how they write about Apartheid during this time?
  • What does this story teach us about Apartheid?
  • Can this story be told in 3-4 pages?
         After that, we had to discuss what we thought with a partner. Lastly, we had a class discussion. Do Now:
Issac working in the Do Now:

After that, Rachel introduced us to the board:

Nextly, we flipped our Do Now and saw two examples of quickwrites. 

             We passed a paper with a rubric and an example on top of it. It had some questions, and highlighted the two examples in the page above. We had to highlight the writing techniques it had in different colors:
          We discussed what we thought with our class and partner. We then graded the examples. After that, we discussed about which of the two examples were better.
As one of our last things we did today,  we did a little activity. We saw a painting by Vangogh and described just one thing of it into our desks.
             Lastly, Ms.V gave us feedback about our quickwrite and then graded it. We then had to fill a feedback form.

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