Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Humanities Class Scribe 18/11/2014 ^^

- Do Now
- Quiz Quiz Trade
- What we know about Apartheid
- Mandela Audio History
- Finish Formative Essay

  Big Learning Target:

3.0: I can write a clear an engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid
1.0: I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the events surrounding Apartheid

  Supporting Learning Target:

3.4: I can show, not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details and dialogue
3.6: I can create a voice in my writing that is believable for my character.

  For the Do Now, we answered questions related to the discussion yesterday with Mr. Ocki Fernandes. We got about 5 ~ 10 minutes to do the Do Now

(Sorry for the answers of mine)

  After the Do Now, we started the Quiz Quiz Trade. We got a postage and started writing on it the vocabs that we got wrong or right. Of course, the Quiz Quiz Trade vocabs were about Apartheid...

  After we finished the Quiz Quiz Trade, we went in to our Google Drive and we had to write what we know NOW about Apartheid and what we know about Nelson Mandela in a document called Nelson Mandela Audio History Notes. We took about 6 ~ 7 minutes to write down in the document. After we took 6 ~ 7 minutes of writing in the document, we shared informations of Apartheid and Nelson Mandela.
  After this, Ms.V said she was going to give us time to finish our Formative Essay. If you already finished the formative essay yesterday after the interview of Mr. Ocki Fernandes, we could go into our e-mail and watch the video of Nelson Mandela Audio History and while we were watching the video we jot down new information that we learned about Apartheid and Nelson Mandela. We got time until our class finished.

Homework: The Homework is to have Fun!!!



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