Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Class Scribe, November 19th

November 19th, 2014
written by Cata, acting as a class scribe

Do Now
Big LT 3.0: I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid.

Big LT 3.6: I can create a voice in my writing that is believable for my character.

-Do Now
-Writers workshop
-Writing time
-Peer critique

Do Now: 
In the Do Now, we had to look back into The Noose, and find out what the main character, symbolic object, external conflict, internal conflict, and change were. The formula for finding the change in the story or in the character is: character + conflict = change. After we got  information from The Noose, we shared with our partners and discussed about: What makes up a good plot? and What was The Noose plot outline?
Good job Gabe, Dom, and Rachel discussing, nice plot picture! 

Writers Workshop:
Before we got into writing, we wrote down some restrictions for the summative essay that we were going to write: 3-4 pages, 3-5 scenes, the character has to be your age or a few years older/younger, 1-2 days, avoid Disney ending (good endings), and Apartheid's effect on your character. Then, we began brainstorming some ideas we wanted to write about. Don't forget to use who, where, what, when, why, and how! 

Writing Time:
Time to work on the summative essay planner sheet! Everyone took time to work on a planning sheet to prepare for the summative essay about Apartheid.

Peer Critique:
Now we shared our planning with our partners to get some feedback from our peers.


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