Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Class Scribe November 18, 2014

Big Learning Targets: 
3.0 I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction 
narrative that take place during Apartheid

1.0 I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative 
that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the words surrounding Apartheid

Supporting Learning Targets: 
3.4 I can show not tell in my writing by writing strong verbs, 
sensory details and dialogue 

3.6 I can create a voice in my writing thetas believable for my character 

Our Agenda:

Do Now

Quiz Quiz Trade
What We Know About Apartheid 

Mandela Audio History

Fiction Formative Essay

         We started of with the Do Now, The Do Now had three questions. It was about the interview we had with Mr. Oki Fernandes. The first question was, What are three things you learned from  
the interview? 
The second one was, What are two things that surprised you from the interview yesterday?  The third one was What is one question you still have about Apartheid?
          Then we moved to Quiz Quiz Trade,  the class is moving all around the class. I give Marcos for working really hard in the Quiz Quiz Trade. I congratulate Balthasar, Cata and Dominik for getting more that 18 words right.
        The class moved on to What We Know About Apartheid, you can write about Nelson Mandela or Apartheid. The Document is named Nelson Mandela Audio History Notes then your name. The class has wrote a lot about the history of Nelson Mandela. 
         The class is now working on the Formative Essay, but when you finish you have to move on to the Audio of Nelson Mandela. The class is silent and they are working on there formative essay, some people in the class is working on their Nelson Mandela Audio.
Now the class should be on the Audio,  The audio talks about the dates Nelson Mandela did important things happened and what happened to him

Today there was no Homework
Written by Victor V.

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