Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Humanities 11/12/14

this was our agenda

    do now
    intro to part 3 of summative rubric
    writers workshop:voice
    writing time
    peer share

    We first started with the do now based on the concepts of dialogue. There were questions that had something to do with creating dialogue. Then we did part 3 of our summative assessments with a new topic that will make our historical fiction narrative very good is voice. Than we introduced our board, agenda and learning targets, especially.We viewed the rubric for learning targets 3.0. We discussed each grade for this specific learning target. we awnsered awnsered the questions. Then we started to learn a new concepts of writing which is voice. We will use this concept to make our writing a lot better by making the character have a voice but it is described and said. Then we went to quikwrite 3, about voice. We had four parts to add into our summary. Each part is a paragraph for the quikwrite. We had fifteen minutes to do the writing and then it was time for peer share
    the homework is too read the gun by friday & doubl entry journal


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