Monday, November 24, 2014

Class Scribe - 11/24/14 - Nic L.


* Do Now
* Critique for L.T. 3.0
* Track + Process Feedback
*Writers Workshop: Style
* Writing Time

3.0: I can write a clear + engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid.


3.7: I can use figurative language to enhance my description.
The Do Now
     First, we started with the Do Now. The Do Now was an example of someones story plan. We had to read the plan and see what is believable about the story and what is not believable about the story. We also had to see if this story clearly teaches about the Apartheid, and if it could be told in 3 to 4 pages.

   Then we went to the back of the Do Now to see two blog posts that two people in our class made. Then we got a rubric for a Example 1 and a rubric for example 2. With our partners we had to grade both of the blog posts. By highlighting what the blog post shows, on the rubric. Self-grade the blog posts from 1-7. We did this to see if we made the same mistakes in our blog post and if we should add some things we didn't have. We all figured out that Example 1 was the best. And that example 2 had no real style.

The Rubric for the Blog Posts.
   Now we are taking time to talk about figurative language and how we could/should use it in our writing. We were shown a very intricate picture and we had to on our desk write a metaphor, a personification, etc about all the nouns we could think of that were in the picture.

   Now we started to track our learning targets. We took out our learning target tracker from our accordion folder. We took the pink dots and put our score one the poster board with the learning target. Also, for the people that did the blog post we got feedback from Ms. V. Then we went back to our blog post and on another piece of paper we put down what feedback we got, and what I think about the feedback.

Thats all we got to today.
We don't have any homework.

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