Monday, November 17, 2014

Experts From Apartheid in our Class

Acting as class scribe: Lupe November 17, 2014 Day C

  • Do Now
  • Expert Interview
  • Formative Essay

Big Learning Target
-- 3.0
-- 1.0
Supporting Learning Target
-- 3.4
-- 3.6

Today, Ms Vallillo did not come to class, so Mr. Nick substituded her. Before we could start our Do Now, we had our expert interview. The expert, was a teacher from our school, Mr. Ocki Fernandes. He lived during Apartheid, so he helped us get more information that the books and the texts that we read did not have. It was also helpful to see things from his perspective, someone that lived through apartheid, was white, and was against segregation.This interview was really long, it was about 1 hour long, so when we finished, we started with our Formative Essay right away. We had enought time to finish the essay or aleast do most of it. Today, the time flew by, so before we knew it, class was over.

Today, there is no homework!!

Sorry, I cant put Mr. Fernandes' video because the blog wont let me, but if you want it, Please ask!!!

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