Monday, November 17, 2014

Class Scribe, November 14, 2014

Class Scrbe: André Hu

First we needed to log in into quizlet then go check the questions we did the class before this one so we could ask Mr. Fernandes. Mr. Fernandes is a teacher who lived in South Africa during apartheid.

What we should do/don't do during Mr. Fernandes present:
  • Pay attention
  • Don't talk to your neighbor
  • Ask good questions.
His dad was supposed to go to South Africa because of his job. After a time his family had to move over there too. When he got there the prime minister was killed. When he got there the city was white. During the day the blacks were in the city.  When it was 5 PM the blacks needed to get out of their jobs and had to go to their homes. When he was in college his teacher was arrested because he attended a funeral of a black man. He was considered a white in South Africa. He couldn't vote because they were foreigners. Time for questions.

How were houses in Soweto?
Answer: It was like "favelas" here in Brazil,but not all blacks were poor because there was a black man that had a mansion with three stories.

How do you compare South Africa from South Africa now?
Answer: In the past it was more safe than now.

If blacks entered the whites areas?
Answer: You couldn't. Whites couldn't enter blacks zone and blacks can't enter blacks zone.

Seeing things as a kid changed your point of view?
Answer: Yes, I teached Social Studies and I try to change their point of views.

How did they get arrange in the buses:
Answer: Whites had one bus and blacks had other buses.

Did you ever feel bad for the blacks?
Answer: Yes, because I saw them being beaten by the policemen's.

(Sorry, that I couldn't write down all the questions and all the answers)

After Mr. Fernandes had gone we worked on doing the summary and taking a little bit more of notes.

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