Thursday, November 6, 2014

Class Scribe 11/5/14

  • DoNow
  • Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Chart Analysis
  • Close Read 3
  • Debrief
Big Learning Target 1.0: I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative about apartheid.

Today we started of like always, with our do now. The instruction for it was to read two sources and then answer some questions about it. When we were done doing the do now we checked our answers with our partners. I heard such good conversation from all the class so, good job! After the Do Now we moved on to quiz quiz trade.

On quiz quiz trade we worked on the words were mostly from apartheid set 3 but there were also some words from set's 1&2. I want to give a shoutout to the people who got all the words correct. After q-q-t we moved on to chart analysis.

What we had to do in the chart analysis was that we had to analyze the chart and then we answered questions 1-6 on the paper. The chart was about Apartheid and the people of South Africa. On the chart it showed the population of blacks in South Africa and the population of white. It also said the land allocation the share of the national income and more. After we were done talking with our partners we reviewed the answers as a class. After that we moved on to reading a preview of the close reading 3.

What we had to do was read a strip of paper that was on our  desks and we had to underline any words that we thought was important. on the back of the paper we put three sections labeling them A,B,C. On your section you were supposed to write any important information that you didn't know before. After that everyone got together with another person and then find out information about the other readings, and then as a group some people shared. After that we moved on to close reading 3.

We started by asking questions to the title. Then everyone got separated to know which readings they would read. the readings were one about before apartheid and the other one about during apartheid. The class had to gist each of the paragraphs they read.

Homework: Read, One Day Lily, Out Of Bounds-Due Friday

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