Sunday, November 16, 2014

Class Scribe

Class Scribe Post By Thereza Protasio

Big LT 3.0:
 I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative Act takes place during Apartheid.

Supporting LT 3.6:
I can create a voice in my writing that is  being able for my character

Our Agenda:
-Do Now
-Formative Essay 
-Lit Circle Quiz
-Lit Circle 4
-Prepare for expert interview.

The first thing we did like always was our Do now. Our Do now today was about a rubric which we read the learning targets and wrote down what each meant.
We then moved on to Lit Circle Quiz and later on for the Lit Circle.
I would like to congratulate Rachel’s group.They did an awesome job and they were focused and had an very good and deep discussion. One heard I heard Rachel and Mr.Nick talking about was Rachel was saying why didn’t every police have guns and other people do? And that lead to a very interesting discussion. Here is a little clip of the Lit Circle discussions.

After a quick debrief Miss V gave us some thinking questions in what we quite didn’t understand. We review our thoughts and also shared our thinking about the book.

Prepare ro expert interview. Learning what to do and what to ask. We started working in a doc and thinking about good deep questions we could ask the author when he comes in. 

Take one piece of writing so far
Expand it to 1 page and revise it

Publish it on your blog

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