Friday, November 14, 2014

Class Scribe Nov. 14, 2014 Felipe Verdi

Felipe Verdi Acting as Class Scribe                      HW due today: finish "The Gun" and complete the e                                                                                Double Entry Journal

                                                           3.0- I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative                                                              that takes place during Apartheid.

                                                          1.0- I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that                                                                       demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of the events                 Agenda   Nov. 14, 2014               apartheid.
  • Do Now 
  • Lit Circle Quiz
  • Lit Circle 
  • the do now
  • Prepare for expert interview
  • Formative Essay (cont.)
   As usual we started off with the do now.  The do now's front page was about 4 questions that we about a rubric of our grading scales which is a 1-7.  The purpose of the do now today was for us to get a better understanding on what they want us to achieve on the summative essay.  After that we joined as a class and shared the answered with the whole class.

  After the do now everyone changed the chair to the corner of the table and passed out the Lit Circle Quiz.  While taking the test everyone was focused and it was a total silence I will congratulate the whole class for their cooperation and respect to others that didn't finish the test even if you have already finished the test.
Victors Group entering a deep conversation

   After the Lit Circle Quiz everyone joined their lit circle group and started of their conversation. Also before the discussion we discussed the discussion norms.  As normal we discussed about the chapter we read which in this case was "The Gun" which also was homework to finish the chapter and accomplish the Double-Entry Journal. I liked how Victor's group entered a deep conversation even when the teacher wasn't looking.  After we discussion we answered the discussion reflection questions that we answer after every time after a lit circle discussion. After we talked about as a class some of the quiz questions.

    After we all finished the discussions and answered the questions we started the prepare for interview to a man that lived the experience of the apartheid. We are doing this this interview to gather information of apartheid and how it was at the time.  After she announced the news that this man is coming we got the paper in the right and highlighted information to not do a mistake during the actual interview.  Everyone was amazed with the fact that we are going to meet a person that had haven the experience to look with their eyes and live apartheid. we were all ansious about the news so everyone got as many information as possible to make the interview flawless. Something that I learned about that we should do in the interview was ask a lot of questions, gather all information you can and ask for more, also jot down many notes so you don't forget anything he says and after you be ashamed about your self because you didn't jot that information that is very good.  After the paper conversation we entered a google doc that is in the left named Expert Interview Notes and wrote down questions you think that you should write and trying to answering it.

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 HW  :)   Due Monday.

  • Take one piece of your writing so far
  • Expand It to a page and revise it.
  • Publish it on your blog.


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