Friday, October 31, 2014

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Oct 31, 2014

It's Halloween!


HW due today - The Noose chapter in Out of Bounds book and Double entry journal.
  • Do Know
  • Summary check
  • Lit Circle quiz
  • Mystery piece
  • Lit Circle 2
  • Debreif
  • Writing time
We first did our Do Know. We answered a few questions.
  1. What are strong verbs?
  2. Give one example of a weak verb. Then write a  stronger verb to replace it
  3. Why do good writers use strong verbs in their writing?
  4. When do good writers use strong verbs in their writing?
  5. In what ways has your writing improved from the beginning of quarter 2 until now? Explain using examples.
After we finished we compared our answers to see if we were correct.

Then we went to our writing toolbox. We wrote what strong verbs are and the learning targets that involve them.
Very descriptive action word. It is a precise and allows you to visualize something about the characters, setting, or events.
Examples: talk - muttering, mumbling
                  walk - swaggering, strolling
Learning targets: BLT 3.0- I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction
 SLT  3.4- I can show not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details and dialogue.
How strong verbs help your writing: Strong verbs help your writing become more precise and helps the reader more easily to imagine it. They can replace  adjectives and adverbs.

We then took our Lit circle quiz.

After the quiz, we looked at our new mystery piece.

Then we had our lit circle discussion.

After the discussion we did our discussion debrief.
1. What new information does this chapter tell us about apartheid?
The second question can not be answered if you were absent.

After the debrief we looked at page 46 and 47.
Answer these questions
  1. What process did Pa go through?
  2. What does the police man mean to say when he says, What happens when you put milk in coffee?
  3. How does this show that race is not biological and is social?
We had to add a summary to the research note catcher about the  noose chapter.

I want to thank the whole class for getting scholar swag for working through the Noose which is a challenging chapter.
HW - Study for vocab quiz and finish the noose summary if not finished yet.

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