Thursday, November 13, 2014

Class scribe -Rachel

Date: November 13. 2014


  • Do Now
  • Writer's workshop: Voice + Style
  • Introduce Rubric Section 1
  • Formative essay
Cata working hard!!! Congrats! ;)

Today we started the class as usual with our Do Now. It was about Symbolism and how it describes things. After we finished our do now and finished talking with our partners, we talked with the whole class. They shared their own opinions of the Symbolic Object.

The sheet of paper and Sofia working great!

Now we moved on to the writer's workshop: Voice and Style. We are thinking what we can change in the scene and by doing that we are improving our voice and style in our writings. One student said that we could change this scene to a poem and that was his style! Then we opened our computers and write the scene in 3 different ways and 3 different times.
Now we are doing the debrief and we were discussing with our partners and talk which paragraph was the best. After we talked about Passive voice and the Active voice and discuss about what that means.

Dominik and

Now we are moving on to the other step of the Agenda which is the Formative essay. We are going to skip the Introduce Rubric Section 1 and do it next class. We needed to write a formative essay about what we learned about apartheid and the racism.

The homework for tomorrow is to read the chapter "The gun" and do the lit circle questions with evidence!!

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