Friday, November 14, 2014

Class Scribe of the Day Nina Stevens

Thereza, Sofi, and Kayla sharing their ideas
Agenda 11/13/14
  • Do Now
  • Writer’s Workshop: Voice + Style
  • Introduce Rubric Section 1 
  • Formative Essay

      The first thing we did in class today was the Do Now. In the Do Now we had to find symbolic objects and how we could use it to symbolize an idea in our story. The purpose of this Do Now is so we can make our stories better with more symbols so it makes the story more interesting. After that we needed to share with our partner and share what we wrote. I heard something interesting that Jae said that the passbook, it symbolizes freedom or restriction. 

          The second thing we did today was Writer's Workshop. We had to write a story about a boy and a girl that buy coconut water and a man accidently bumps into him and says "Sorry". With this story we had to write the different perspectives of the different people in the story. The purpose of changing the perspectives and moods is so we can work on different perspectives of different people. After writing we had to share with our partners what the author changed with the perspectives. 

           The third thing we did today was a formative essay that we could use every resource we have. The purpose of it is so we can see what we know about Apartheid.

Homework: The Gun and double entry journal

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