Saturday, November 22, 2014

Class Scribe - Nov, 19, 2014

  • Do Now
  • Writer's workshop
  • Writing time :)
  • Peer critique
BLT 3.0: I can write a clear and engaging historical fiction narrative that takes place during Apartheid.

BLT 1.0: I can write an accurate historical fiction narrative that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the events surrounding Apartheid.

SLT 3.4: I can show not tell in my writing by using strong verbs, sensory details and dialogue.

SLT 3.6: I can create a voice in my writing that is believable for my character. 

First we did our Do Now which was a reading about "how to write" how to make your writing more interesting. Well I didn't read but that's what I understood from just looking at the first few sentences. Then still in the Do Now we had to go back to our reading Out of Bounds The Noose.  Then we had to respond what the main character, symbolic object, external conflict, internal conflict, and changes. Then we turned to our partners and discussed what we wrote and what we think. 

Then we go to our "writing time :)" we had to talk about how would we write a story with 3-5 location seens ( sorry if I wrote that wrong ), with double space and about 3-4 pages long.

We had to open a document called Historical Fiction Narrative Planning Document - (your name).  Then you had to plan your story form this document

This one!

After after we planned what we were going to write, we played around with different scenes and different ways of writing

I really like how Lara (Lary) was working so hard she didn't care that I was taking a picture of her and just kept working, I really appreciate

If you weren't here you better start thinking about what you're talking about ( your story )

Sorry I posted this late! :(... :)

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