Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rachel - Acting as A Class Scribe


  • Do Now
  • Writer's Workshop Dialog
  • This is our Do Now activity. We put some New information
     in our Timeline.
  • Writing Time

Read: One Day Lily 
Due: Friday

We first started with our Do Now:
- We read our part (A or B)
- We discussed with the class
- We found important dates
- Filled in the Do Now sheet

         This video shows our Writer's Workshop Dialog. Ms.V gave us  a chat and we had to know things and purposes that the characters talk about. 

                  After that we discussed the character's lives and what and how they are talking about. We talked about different types of dialogs. We also talked about what are dialogs and how dialogs can make a difference in a piece of writing.
After 2 minutes, a group from their scavenger hunt came, so we had to dance with them! Here's a video!

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