Monday, October 13, 2014

Rachel S.'s Class Scribe 3rd Post

Agenda:                                                               Homework:

  • Do Now                                                      Finish close reading note catcher
  • Gallery Walk                                             Our Section - questions 1-4
  • Debrief: Quick Write 1
  • Close Reading
    I liked how Giulia came in, got her Do Now, and started to work.


         This Video bellow shows people sharing their thoughts, questions, and answers from the Do Nows that they just made. 

     Something interesting I noticed about the discutions that people had was that the students had great thoughts and opinions about the image on the Do now.

Ms. V. is showing us our schedule for today.

        After the Do Now, Ms. V. showed us what we were going to do today, and she said that we had to discover our learning targets today.

     By Rachel acting as a Class Scribe

            In our gallery walk, we saw many images that represented different things. Everybody was very concentrated doing the gallery walk sheet that was given. In this sheet we were supposed to write our notices and wonderings about the images.

           After the gallery walk, we started to do our quick write. We had an image in a document and we had to write a letter for a friend about the image and we had to still write in a not formal way.

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