Monday, October 13, 2014

Class Scribe, October 13, 2014

Written by André Hu
Do Now
Gallery Walk
Debrief: Quick Write 1
Close Read

Guiding Questions:
What Is Revolution?

We didn't have Big Learning Targets neither Supporting Learning Targets so we could think of what we are learning about today or the week.

     As always we start by doing our Do now's. The Do now is about a quote that Nelson Mandela said. The quote is, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Do you agree or disagree? I agree because the world is a place where you can change things and if you study you can change the world and make it a better place. We also needed to look at a picture and write 3 things that you notice about the photo and write 3 questions about the picture. We shared our peers and then shared with the whole class.

Rules for Gallery Walk:

Silent, just use six inch voices if needed
Don't step on the pictures
No running

The gallery walk was awesome! We respected the rules, but sometimes people didn't see the pictures in the ground and stepped on the pictures.

Felipe Verdi is being concentrated.
Marcos is writing about the picture. 
Takuma writing noticing and wonders.
Picture: White Police Men are killing or hitting black men.

When we finished our Gallery Walk we needed to open our Google Docs and go onto the doc Quick Write. Here are the instructions and the prompt. You are a young adult, approximately your own age, living during this time period in South Africa.  Review your notes during the gallery walk and use this picture for inspiration.  In a letter to your close friend, describe what is going on around you.  When a writer describes something they are expected to show what is going on by writing about what a character sees, hears, feels, smells, and even tastes.  Strong writers show us what they see instead of telling us what they see.  Strong writers say, “the dark alleyway was empty and silent except for a tin can that rolled back and forth with the wind.  I took a deep breath and walked forward.” instead of “there was a can making noise in alleyway.  I was scared.”  As you write, describe the scene the way a strong writer would. We are inspired in a picture where a mother is carrying a son who is dead and her daughter is screaming and crying because of her brother who is dead in her mother's arms. The family are native americans (black people).

Nic and Sofia also have a lot stuff written.

Rachel is concentrated to get a lot done.
Next step to do is a Close Read. The reading had super challenge and challenge. Before we could start reading we needed to make the title into 3 questions. Some questions were what is the Soweto Uprising? Another one is what brought the children together? When we got our 3 questions done we got right into the reading. There was part A and part B. Part A needed to read paragraphs 1-5. Part B needed to read paragraphs 6-11. Some things we need to to do during we read is,
1. Use Fix Up Strategies
2. Note Important Info
3. Gist each paragraph


Close Reading Note Catcher 1.

The Soweto Uprising



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