Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th Class Scribe Post

Written By: Felipe

Big Learning Target: I can describe the strengths + weaknesses of different forms of governments.

  • Do Now
  • Oligarchy vs Dictatorship
  • Blog Post

The Do Now 
       Today we started off with our do now as always.   On the do now we answered some questions on a sheet of paper. The paper was asking some questions that asked the definition of the of the quizlet word that we studied and did word nerd yesterday.  After we shared our answers with the class and the ones that were difficult she gave us the answer and we changed it or gave it a check mark.   

2nd Side
1st side
After we've accomplished our do now we started of comparing the Dictatorship vs Oligarchy.   We were given the instructions to read the paragraphs of Oligarchy and Dictatorship and gist it. Then, we answered the questions under the paper of each one Oligarchy or Dictatorship.
 After receiving orders everybody went straight to work. After that we looked for a partner with or eyes and got and agreement of who was your partner.  Our partner was used to interpretate our writing.  After that Ms. V asked us to talk to our partners of  "What does power mean to you?"  and "Where in your life is power important to you?". Me and my partner Pricilla answered that power is to obligate for people to do something to do for you and to have control over something.  For the second one I think that power is most important for me in school because then people can have power to stop bullying and other unacceptable facts that happen at school.

Rachel and Arthur Working hard on their blog post.
      After, Ms.V recommended  us to go to this website Link to website to go after we explained what power means to you on a blog post that we were told to do. On this website we were supposed to search Power to put on your blog post after writing what power means to you.  This picture on the right is Arthur and Rachel working hard on their blog post. I would like to congratulate and give a (fake) scholar swag for the class of working so hard during the day. As always, after they are done with the blog post you are supposed to do anything ealse you aren't done with.

 Last but not least, we worked on a exit ticket that included the do now and your computer. With your computer go to veracross and take a look on the summatives for humanities. With your back page of your do now and explain what grade do you think that you will get for your last quarter grade that you think that you will earn.

Finish/Publish Blog Post 

Thank You for reading my Class Scribe post!! Have a good rest of your day!! :)



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